Wonderful to meet you!

I am Sophie.


Since I was a little child, my passion was to paint and draw.
But when I grew up, my artist teacher made me stop believing in my dream to become an artist.

For many years my persuasion was that I am not a creative person at all. I did a lot of sketches but I was always copying photos or pictures from other artists.
I was afraid of using colors because I always had the fear that the final result could be ugly or that anyone could judge my painting.


After my studies of art history and pedagogy, that didn’t fulfill what I expected, I went to Brazil for three months to find a new sense of my life. I dived into great adventures and came back to Munich with new energy. I followed my intuition and┬ádiscovered new ways of creativity – free from any pressure to express yourself.

The essential new experience was the non-judgement of my artwork.
It was such a great and liberating feeling to know that there is nobody who will comment your creative process and your final result.

From this point on I started to look for ways and people who practice creativity in this new form.
And I got in touch with Intuitive Painting. A few weeks later I founded ART with Heart and started my first Intuitive Painting Workshop what was such a great and inspiring experience for all of us – the participants and me.

I felt that Intuitive Painting is my mission that I want to share with YOU!