Creativity and intuition stand in close relation to each other.
Our intuition is our inner wisdom. We may have lost the connection to our inner wisdom but it is always present. We just have to find access to it.
A way to get closer to your intuition can be to free yourself from fear and negative beliefs that blockade you.

But how exactly does it work?

First, you should be aware of all the beliefs that determine your mind and your behavior.
What do you think about your own creativity?
Do you think you are unable to be creative? Or are you afraid to fail?
Write down what is in your mind.

Are you ready to calm this inner voice in your mind that is telling you that you are not good enough?
Are you ready to focus on positive thoughts?
Are you ready to care for yourself, your needs and your well-being?

Now write down the opposite of your negative beliefs. For example:
„Painting and being creative makes me happy and is very easy for me.“

Write your new positive thought on post-its and hang them everywhere in your flat. Talk with your friends about it. Feel yourself like an artist.