Take a walk in nature with the eyes of a little child.

What do you discover?

Are there flowers, leaves, herbs,stones, trees etc.?
What colours do they have?

Take your camera or
a sketch book
with you and collect
different patterns, shadows/light, textures and colors that caught your attention.

Arriving at home, you can archive your photos/sketches and flowers, feathers, stones, … in a box and integrate the new forms, shadows and colors in your next painting .

The same you can do in your apartment.
Walk through your apartment with the eyes of a guest that is visiting your home for the first time.

Are there beautiful patterns on clothes or on jewelry, inspiring forms and figures, … that you like? What are your favorite color combinations?

Start exploring and open your eyes like a little child!

Start to create your own “library of beautiful color combinations”. You can use these tools on days when you feel a little uninspired.